Many rappers come to mind when you think of the city of Houston, one of which that is making some waves and a name for himself is JDaGr8. He’s no rookie. In fact, he’s been dropping consistent records along with song with most notably, NBA Young Boy.

Over the bouncy bop, he raps about money, cars, clothes and anything you can pretty much think of when it comes to the rapper’s life. What stands out from JDaGr8 on this record is the polished grit that he flows with. JDaGr8 is doin it big with this record.

Being from Houston, he is thrown into that “southern rapper” box. But he’s more than just a southern rapper. He gives back to his community and makes fire music along to motivate those from his city and does it with pride and confidence.

“Stay Established” is a catchy song that can resonate with almost anybody. If you’re an athlete then you’re balling. If you’re a pimp, a drug dealer, or you just fit the mold of getting money then you my friend are balling. If you’re not a baller, than you most likely are working to become one, right?

Either way, this record hits and it’s for everybody. Its catchy hook will captivate you and keep you listening as JDaGr8 spits throughout this record. Check it out on all streaming platforms.

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