A new short film released earlier this year is raising awareness of the Alzheimer’s condition, which has become a prominent topic of debate among researchers and our ageing population – with more people being affected by the condition and a cure still a long way away.

Missing a Note is a British film that gained prominence in the summer having been released alongside the Downton Abbey film adaptation of the popular series in UK cinemas.

The short film’s storylinecentres on a young girl who has dreams of becoming a singer, and is given the chance to perform in front of an iconic retired opera legend. She is hoping that her performance will be good enough for him to write her a good scholarship report, but little does she know he’s struggling with his memory, with a few unusual surprises left in store for her as she sets out to make her performance the best it can be.

It’s a touching story and shows how the Alzheimer’s condition can affect relationships between the generations, and it has raised awareness of its symptoms. Thanks to strong critical reviews and cast performances, the film has managed to gather large support, and with its recent screenings with Downton Abbey, more people have been inspired by its message and seen what some of the effects of Alzheimer’s can have – indirectly impacting young people as well.

Missing a Note is currently touring a number of British film festivals and has recently picked up an award at the Birmingham Film Festival, with its lead actress, Darcy Jacobs, taking home an award for her performance in the short.

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