Youssef Chreiba

Youssef Chreiba is a popular blogger in fashion and has recently become famous on Instagram as the senior Jo and managed to reach more than 300 thousand interactive followers. He studied infographic and web design and programming, and recently launched in the world of advertising in Morocco to become one of the most important young faces on the screens. His career began in the field of economics and finance, especially digital trading, which he succeeded in a very large, before he was snatched by his passion and love to portray and coordinate the colors of the world of fashion and fashions, and then set on a large public base and to attract the love and attention of thousands of followers on Social networking sites, “Youssef” began to provide many tips related to the field of fashion and how to make colors harmonious to become the views of many of his followers on Instagram deal directly with the pioneers of fashion and fashion in social networking sites, which increased his fame, which allowed him to enter the world Publicity and publicity with all Monster to deal so international companies. It is worth mentioning that the blocker Youssef Shariba recently dealt with one of the largest mobile advertising companies to promote the African Cup of Nations 2019, with a group of Egyptian stars and is preparing to issue a fashion collection with bold designs and looks.

At the local level, there was more than one collaboration between Youssef Chreiba and the pioneers of fashion in Morocco, because he recently worked with the Moroccan designer and internationally renowned with his own fingerprint, the designer Essam Weshama and was the role of Youssef in this cooperation as a model, in addition to A respectable work with the Moroccan designer Hisham Ben Slimane.

Being a guaranteed bet This is the prerequisite you are looking for big brands and international companies, and since Yusuf enjoys such wide popularity and love of the masses in addition to his style and mastery of his work, has chosen many brands to be the main marketing interface for them. He has played an important role in the success of international fashion houses such as

The Royal Paris

In one of his glowing periods in the fashion world, he became the main subject of journalism pens, both local and Arab, as well as international, where many famous international newspapers wrote about his career and career and predicted an unprecedented future and success, both in terms of Middle East and the world alike.

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