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Always 21 started a Selena Collection in Honor of the Tejano Madonna

Selena Quintanilla was known for her music, yet for her iconic fashion, gaining her the moniker the Tejano Madonna. Now, 22 years after the debut of Gregory Nava's Selena biopic, her fans will almost certainly wear a piece of her style with Forever 21's new accumulation The White Rose.

Launched this week to pay tribute to the film's anniversary and Selena's inheritance, the constrained release gathering features clothing for women and retails between $7 to $40. The clothing retailer recently conveyed a couple Selena products in their stores, yet in an announcement gave to Texas Monthly, a representative said the company decided to expand it to a full capsule to keep up with demand.

?As an artist, Selena is a legend that resonates so deeply with our customers. We have Selena product in our stores on a constant basis, and they are some of our highest performing styles. Because of this, we wanted to do something special and launch a collaboration with her to give our fans what they want.?

Numerous pieces in the collection are gestures to 1990s staples of Selena's closet, which have stayed as immortal as the vocalist herself. High-waisted pants and cropped denim jackets can be matched with periphery belts and western boots. Bandana print items, bamboo hoop earrings, and graphic tees with text in Old English font are not only reminiscent of Selena?s wardrobe, they're in a flash unmistakable parts of the Mexican-American style she conveyed to the mainstream.

Different pieces are clear references to notable style moments in the singer?s life. An imperial purple tie-front best is a receptive variant of the glittery, show-ceasing jumpsuit Selena wore for her last execution at the Houston Rodeo in 1995. A couple of realistic tees and hoodies likewise highlight photographs of her outfits, similar to the all-white gathering she wore to perform at the Astrodome in 1994. In any case, two of the most unmistakable pieces in the gathering are her signature newsboy cap and the accessorized bralettes or bustiers she became known for (which were famously memorialized by the character of her father in Selena.)

Only two years before Selena's demise, she opened up Selena Etc. in Corpus Christi and San Antonio, a beauty salon and boutique that enabled her to offer her very own clothing designs and capitalize on her interest in fashion. The two areas in the end shut after her death, but through this collection, it feels like Selena finally has the chance to have her clothes sold everywhere.