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Chattanooga Has A New Music Artist

Matt Movin the Chattanooga, Tennessee native rapper has made an astounding jump to the end of 2019 by amassing over 100,000 followers on Instagram. He has over 25 songs out currently & 1 YouTube music video as of 11/9/19. Matt Movin currently has a management team and can be reached/booked at mattmovin.rta@gmail.com

Future plans for Matt Movin include things like dropping more music videos, releasing new songs and collaborating with more high profile musical artists. He is currently an unsigned independent & founder of Round Table Affiliation.


Matt Movin has been making music since the age of 14 and aspires many others around them to pursue their goals without letting anything stopping them. hence the term movin which the community is completely in love with. From releasing music on major platforms like Apple Music, Amazon, YouTube & Spotify, to selling official Matt Movin merchandise like T-shirts the Chattanooga rapper has a strong drive for dedication. We got the chance to Interview a close relative to Matt Movin, his mother. She had this to say about her son Matt.

When Matthew was born the doctors lost both of us twice, he came into this world fighting. Even with all he's been through, that's what i've always known him to do. His dedication is incomparable, & that's how it's always been. I always told him if you could just stay out of trouble, I know you'll do great things. I love you, Matt, you are the backbone of this family.

With Matt Movin having a big fan base supporting him there is no telling where his career will be headed into for 2020.

All we know is for what Matt Movin has been through it's clear to see the underdog is only the underdog for so long before they bring light to what's real and true. Follow Matt Movin on Instagram today Instagram.com/iammattmovin/ Or website here www.mattmovin.com

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