About Me

Craig Davis The Business Man

Craig Davis known as CEOgamble is an Entrepreneur; Software Engineer in Telecommunications. He attended Georgia Southern University where he studied Business Management he left after his second year in college to move back to the city of Atlanta as football and school were no longer in the vision that he saw for himself as a young driven individual.

Working full time traveling on the road, climbing cell towers, and integrating transmission systems for some of the biggest companies in telecom he decided to shift gears and work for himself. It was important to him to be near family and the desire to help other people become successful to provide for theirs. In 2014 he started his own cell tower and communications Company called Fast Wave Communications at the age of 24, alongside working full time as a BTS ran Engineer for T-Mobile USA.


At the age of 29, he decided to take a full leap into his business and push it full time leaving a six-figure earning job to face the unknown and solely depend on himself and efforts to make a living. With years of struggle and failure, he was able to leverage himself and built a solid foundation of a profitable business.

At the age of 30 he now runs a multi Million dollar business, has over 60 employees, operating in 7 States working for the biggest names in the wireless industry (At&t,Verizon,Sprint,Tmobile) Has grown construction crews to do trenching and civil work, support teams for field engineering, project management, construction management, and business development. Being in an industry starting from the bottom and knowing first hand what his partners, and employees go through it makes it easier to set up opportunities for them that have huge financial benefit because it isn?t structured around his success.

Launching 2 new businesses in 2020 is something he's truly excited about being an entrepreneur nothing makes him prouder than receiving phone calls of gratitude from people. He had the ability to impact their lives in a positive financial matter for them & their families. His key purpose is to help other people become successful in return the reward is beneficial for all parties. In 2017 he was able to relocate his family to Tampa, to begin more expansion of his company. He is a firm believer that putting family and friends before yourself is key to becoming successful.