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Exclusive Interview: Banbouk Music ? So many dreams, little time

Your last song name is Balloons, where this name came from and what is the story behind that?

It?s a funny story but I don?t mind sharing it, one day I was checking my YouTube comments and someone commented with ( We are like balloons in the sky), and that comment really got my eye , so I contacted that person and asked if I can use it for my new song lyrics and that person agreed and I started working on it and people loved it, so yea that?s the story .

What advice would you give to new DJs and producers, about how they try to develop their sound and find their own way?

I?d advise them to follow the music style they like, You can always analyze tracks from other producers to learn from, but in the end, you have to find your own style to truly stand out. The best way to do that is to create whatever inspires you, not what you think might work or sell well. Apart from that, I?d tell them that they should never give up on their dreams. The fight isn?t lost until you stop trying.

Do you think about whether your future children will follow your footsteps and become DJs/producers themselves?

I?m sure that they will be musically talented, I don?t even mind if they don?t want to, but until the day I will have kids we can talk about this again.

Can you tell us about your dreams for the next 10 years, either in your personal life or in music?

So many dreams, little time. I always strive to become a better musician and to keep electronic music alive. I don?t know what the future will bring, but I?m sure that these two things are among the main points in the next ten years. As for the rest, I promise to clue you in whenever I?m about to go on a new adventure.

Do you drink while producing so you get inspired?

haha... I don?t because once I will start drinking I will end up drunk and I will mess up the whole project I'm working on, I only drink while I listening to music not while producing.

What if someone said that they don?t like your music?

Even if someone says your music is bad, I don?t really get affected, because people have different tastes But there are certain things I might listen to like small comments about the beats or the drops and I might try to do something better because I do music for people, so they matter.

Website: https://www.banboukmusic.com

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