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Final Fantasy XIV?s Anticipated 5.1 Content Patch

Final Fantasy XIV has released a new content patch ?Vows of Virtue, Deeds of Cruelty?. This is a free content patch which brings a lot of excitement to the player base. The expansion pack is revolutionary and innovative. Square Enix has always evolved in introducing ground-breaking expansion packs. This is the news and latest patch from which you can expect a lot. This is a huge patch which comes with new areas, new adventures and new scenarios. There are a great amount of new features you can explore.

The first chapter of the patch iscreated by the guest creators Yosuke and YOKO TARO. The chapter Yorha DarkApocalypse is inspired from the Nier series. The patch gives you additionalgame play hours. Fans will definitely love the new content the patch brings.They won?t be disappointed with what they get to explore.

You can play the game with 23other players to battle against the enemies. This is a multiplayer mode gamewhich lets you explore the world of Nier. Dark Apocalypse raid series lets youfight with the lifeforms in a brand new way.

The guest developers offer you aNew Game+ mode. This feature allows you to replay your previous quests. You?dbe able to see your previously competed battles. It also allows you to see yourcurrent progression. This feature allows you to explore your most favoriteplaces and memories.

With the new Trust system, you?dbe able to navigate in a different way. You?d be able to take help from yourfellow players and non player characters. The patch also comes with new extremetrials. If you want to make the game even more challenging to play, thisfeature allows you to do that. The foes of the game are fearless and valiant inthis mode.  You?d be able to make thechallenged even more difficult so that you are able to use your mind tactfullyand play the game more strategically.

Final Fantasy XIV content patchis a much-anticipated patch which comes with amazing updates. You get toexplore new areas and new ways of fighting the enemies. You?d be able toperform better. An additional feature allows you to play music with all theother players of the game.

 The patch gives you a very differentexperience. This is the kind of game you?ve never played before. You?d be ableto make astonishing accomplishments with a team of 24 players. If you don?twant to operate with 24 players, you can choose that option as well with thetrust system. It allows you to fight massive battles without fear and terror onyour own.

The developers of the gamepromises that game players are going to find the new additions in the gamequite exciting and challenging. They?ll be able to have an amazing game playingexperience like never before. You can enjoy playing the insanely adventurouspatch of the game by running an update. This patch will be available latertoday. You can run the update and have fun exploring the challengingadventures.