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Keanu Reeves Reveals He Is Read The Matrix 4 Script Already

Keanu Reeves burned down the internet with the news of therelease of Matrix 4. Fans were guessing whether the Matrix series will haveanother part. Keanu Reeves surprised them with the shocking news of evenreading the script already.

The matrix man loves to give surprises to his fans. For thepast few years this introvert guy is trying to face media and increase viralfan interactions. There was a time when the handsome star avoided givinginterviews and appearing on shows. However, this is not the case anymore. Henow makes sure that he connects with his fans and lets them know about thelatest updates.

Reeves was seen with her sister, Karina Miller at a specialscreening of her new film Semper Fi. Karina Miller is the producer of the film .While talking to ET?s Nischelle Keanu Reeves revealed that he has read thescript of the fourth film of the Matrix series. The actor finds the script veryambitious. His fans are very excited to see Keanu Reeves reprising the role ofNeo after so many years. The actor did not say much about the movie. He couldonly tell that he has read the script. He did not give any other details. Hewas more concerned about the release of the drama of her sister.

Reeves did not give any details about his character in themovie. However, it said that he is very excitd to see what the film has instore for his role. He truly believes that it is totally ambitious as it shouldbe. If he is giving this information to the fans it certainly means that hisfans should expect to see the next-level ambition in the film.

We have already seen great ambition in the previous films ofthe Matrix series. According to Variety the production of the film will startin the beginning of 2020. Reeves was excited about disclosing the informationbut he wanted to keep his focus on his sister?s big night.

He was there to support Karina Miller to promote her drama.He shares a strong bond with her sister and he was quite happy for her. KarinaMiller has been working on Semper Fi for three years. Jai Courtney plays therole of a Pennsylvania police officer named Cal. Cal?s brother was arrestedafter killing a man accidentally. He went behind the bars. Cal made it a pointto take his brother out of the prison and risk everything.

Reeves was excited to be invited at the premiere of the film.The producer sister Karina Miller said that his brother was very loving andprotective. She was happy to have him with her especially when their mother wasnot in town. It was great to have a family member be besides her to supporther. Karina Miller said that he always encourages her to do her own thing andappreciates what she does. Semper Fi will be releasing in theaters on Oct 4. Itis a wonderful film to watch with your family.