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Today Google doodle honours Hugh Masekela's 80th Birthday

On what would have been his 80th birthday celebration, Google and music lovers are celebrating the life of Hugh Masekela.

Google put the jazz icon as its doodle to celebrate his birthday on April 4.

Masekela died on January 23 2018. The incredibly famous world-renowned trumpeter's death shocked the globe. In 2017, he affirmed that he had been diagnosed with prostate cancer.

At the time of his demise, Masekela was all the while making music. Rapper Ricky Rick revealed that the two were working on a venture together at the time.

Sal Masekela, the child of the jazz veteran, told TshisaLive that the family would be honoured to have streets and buildings named after his father.

Fans took to social media to remember the music legend.